Design & Services

Design & Author Services at sensible, reasonable prices. (No need to spend more for quality print and eBook covers, proofreading, blurb creation, etc.) Featured designs include either premade covers or actual author covers.  (If you see a premade cover you like, I will be happy to customize it to your story and needs to make it yours!)

Daring Creative Designs: Cover to Upload provides the services listed at the following prices. (No hidden fees, extra artwork costs, and no initial contact required to discover pricing.)

Cover Design

  • eBook Cover Design – $50
  • Print Cover Design – $50

Internal eBook & Print Designs

  • eBook Formatting¬† – $50
    (.mobi, .epub)
  • Print Formatting – $50

Author Services

  • Proofreading – $75 / $100
    (<70K / >70K)
  • Blurb Creation – $25
  • Web Banner Design – $25
    (Website, FB, Twitter)
  • Logo Design – $25

For Daring Creative Designs: Cover to Upload designs & services, please contact me at:
katmcgee @ OR katmcgee @ (with spaces on either side of “@” removed)

A shout out to the authors who are kind enough to allow me to display their covers as examples! I would very much like to add YOUR book cover to my gallery! If I can assist with your cover to upload adventure in any way, please email me at katmcgee @ OR katmcgee @ (without the spaces) or submit your contact info in the form below. (Will reply within 24 hours!)

“Daring Creative Designs covers are an inspiration for my upcoming series set for release in 2017. Highly Recommend!” ~ Tina Eden

Proofreading Service

Poufreading, before uploading is a from of utilizing a secoind set of eyes. = Proofreading before uploading is a form of utilizing a second set of eyes. An exaggerated example, I know; however, with 20+ years of experience in both technical and fiction editing, I enjoy the process of making your manuscript as error free as possible. [NOTE: Should you need a stronger, more in-depth edit, I will be happy to recommend an awesome, reasonably priced editor.]